Raspberry Pi Cookbook

A sampler of companion videos and excerpts from Raspberry Pi Cookbook by Simon Monk.

Sampler Contents

1. Raspberry Pi Radio Transmitter

(from Chapter 4, "Software")

2. Finding Your Way Around the GPIO Connector

(from Chapter 8, "GPIO Basics")

3. Connecting an LED

(from Chapter 9, "Controlling Hardware")

4. Using Lots of LEDs (Charlieplexing)

(from Chapter 9, "Controlling Hardware")

5. Controlling Servo Motors

(from Chapter 10, "Motors")

7. Connecting a Push Switch

(from Chapter 11, "Digital Inputs")

8. Using Resistive Sensors

(from Chapter 12, "Sensors")

9. Using a Four-Digit LED Display

(from Chapter 13, "Displays")

10. Programming an Arduino from Raspberry Pi

(from Chapter 14, "Arduino and Raspberry Pi")